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After months of anticipation, controversy and speculation, we finally have the verdict of the first major game for Xbox One: Titanfall , which definitely did not reinvent the wheel, but injects a much needed dose of freshness to an iterative and worn genre. Titanfall is essentially a standard FPS that integrates solid and ingenious way elements from other games and times, as the double jump, the wicks and of course, the pace and progression of Call of Duty ─ after all their creators are practically the same ─. The result is a frantic, balanced and very addictive experience, though not without its faults.

After learning of Battlefield and Call of Duty , and with the urgency of having the product ready for the launch window of Xbox One, here is omitted almost entirely focused on campaign and online mode, which means it requires Xbox LIVE Gold or Origin, in the case of PC. That said, there is a hybrid mode, where history and multiplayer converge in a soulless narrative to give something to the concept of intent, and it is here that we find one of the weakest points Titanfall , since the argument is superficial, trite and freckle poorly presented.

The pseudocampaña is a double tour of 9 of the 15 maps featuring Titanfall , one from the perspective of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and another from the Militia. Put another way, are the same maps and the same 2 game modes (Hardpoint Attrition and Domination), but narrated by different characters, with one or two other cinematic interlude and adopting the role of rival soldiers. Much of the argument is presented in the form of recordings that are played before and during the fighting. Before the start of round, the user reaches the level aboard a ship, while one of the characters describes what the context of the battle. Once ashore, the characters exchange dialogue radial, while small pictures PIP capture critical incidents to the story, like the shock of a great ship, the death of a command, and so on

The problem, as it is not obvious at this point, is that to understand the argument, we need to stop paying attention to the selection of weapons or combat it and focus on what the characters say, with few visual stimuli to flavor things. A few short cinematic pace would have been enough to print and make things relatively interesting, and the presence of bots lent to experiment with narrative in real time, but Respawn chose to tell the story of Titanfall a monotone that could well have omitted completely. In short, the campaign is even more irrelevant than in other FPS and we’re sure you learn more about the history and the universe in the art book. It is clear that the story mode is indispensable to unlock 2 of the 3 Titans included, but if it’s any consolation, it can be completed in a few hours.

Once the story moves over the category of classical modes, consisting of 5 types of contention is:; Last Titan Standing mode, reserved exclusively for wicks; Attrition, a confrontation Team Deathmatch with a slight variation Hardpoint, consisting controlling 3 bases within each map, Capture the Flag, which needs to be done to the enemy flag and bring it to their own base; Pilot Hunter, which awards points for killing drivers only and mixture thereof, called Variety Pack. The latter requires an adjustment, because we put in clashes LTS up to 3 times in a row. To be a title focused purely on the multiplayer and, ignoring what future DLC may add, Titanfall falls far short in their bid game modes.

That is, its leading rivals in the genre have at least a dozen options, so this is another area where the title feels a bit rushed. The 15 maps, meanwhile, are varied and have a good design, but present some ideas seem to me missed. An example is the wildlife, as in some cases striking, but have an active role in the gameplay. Other thing, for our taste, could be better, is that of arms: there are only 10 primary for pilots and 6 for Titans. This means that in a span of less than 10 hours, all toys are virtually main known that the title has to offer.


Already in the battlefield, things are a delight, as where the action ends other FPS in Titanfall just beginning. This would not have been possible without the freedom that science fiction brings to the table is that if Call of Duty is fast and explosive, Titanfall even more so, thanks to your navigation system type parkour and an almost perfect balance between stone -paper-scissors that permeates everything, from weapons to the wicks and powers.

Each class consists of a primary weapon, where we found assault rifles, shotguns and more, a rocket launcher, a pistol, three perks or powers and a pack of grenades. A good example of that balance is the smart gun controversy, which automatically points, but requires several seconds to set their targets and, of course, is very effective against enemies at long range.

Among the several known perks is the Cloak or Mantle, who becomes invisible to the player when activated, only that it implies that we can not see the sights. And the same applies to counterbalance the Titans, which are extremely powerful, but can be mounted by infantry and destroyed from within. What to do when an enemy is brought in the shell? The crew can use smoke to get rid of it electrified. That is, for all else is less, and for every black there is a white. While the Ogre is slow but very rugged, agile and Stryder is weak, and the Atlas brings together the best of both worlds. However, none of these features is sufficient to impose a titan enemy alone. You must have good coordination, communication with peers and know how to manage the resources of the vehicle, from his coat to his fists of steel.


This structure gives the classic game of run and shoot, an unusual depth, which also have to jump and you need to know the right moment to press the second pulse to achieve that elusive ledge that allows us to enter the second floor without being seen, come out the other side of the building, set up a rival titan, pop it and run your pilot in the air … all in under a minute. It’s that kind of improvised choreography distinguishes Titanfall everything we’ve seen in the last 7 years. Above, there are bold details that will thrill every fan of action, like taking out an enemy pilot and throw your vehicle through the air, hit him while crossing the street or crush an enemy Titan with ours, when it falls from the sky like a flaming meteor.

Well, you know how to thrill Respawn. And to top it all are the Burn Cards, replacing, somehow the Killstreaks and Deathstreaks that everyone knows. These cards carry a special power that can be activated in the interlude between die and revive. 3 can carry starting and only use one per lifetime, after which they permanently consumed. The Burn Cards are unlocked by fulfilling certain actions and challenges within the headings and perks ranging from longest to weapons additional damage, infinite grenades, x ray, double experience, etc., especially during a life time.

The resort is less interesting and exciting than the streaks, but also pays seasoned strategy and the iterative cycle of life and death that distinguishes this type of experience. With this we turn to the issue of bots, which continues to be controversial, unusual and even a bit cheaper. In a console generation that boasts of finally having enough technology to support up to 70 players without blinking, Titanfall comes with 12 and lots of NPC.


After about 30 hours of play, not finished completely get used to it, it does not mean that no work experience or spoil by their presence. Not so, in fact, thanks to the bots are no permanent action and ignoring them can pass an important bill in ways as Attrition, where every shot bot sum directly to the score of the game, not to mention the bots also remaining waiting time in the counter Titans. But always ask ourselves what would have been this delivery if Respawn had resolved the issue of balance without resorting to such artificial resource. By the end, we leave the technical details, which in this case is less than outstanding.

Titanfall runs with the Source Engine ( Counter-Strike , Half-Life ), so needless to say it looks old-looking and definitely not expose graphics capability Xbox One For audio, is far from the sonic realism of Battlefield , but it would still be quite an acoustic adventure, especially with gaming headphones. Here we can say that it is a pity that dominate the metal and explosions sounds that overshadow the work of English composer Stephen Barton. For menus and lobbies can appreciate his work in detail, but heading frankly diluted between the metal impact of the Titans and the constant explosions.

Titanfall is a good game that fulfills what was expected of him: excitement, fun and obsession, although it is a duty in narrative terms and structural depth, which we refer to the repertoire of modes and variety of arsenal. Looking forward to see what Respawn can do with more time and the task of harnessing the power of the new console from Microsoft, but it definitely it was a good first step for the new study and also for Xbox One

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