Titanfall for Mobile devices is in the works

Respawn Entertainment has focused on enriching the gaming experience Titanfall 2, for the support plan for the title includes the creation of additional long – term content. However, a recent publication in the official blog of the game indicates that in the plans regarding Titanfall, the studio is already working on versions of the game for mobile devices.

The newsletter Frontier News Network, which informs the present and future of Titanfall  announced that one of the future plans that Respawn Entertainment has on the series, while continuing to support Titanfall 2 is the development of new titles focused on the free system -to-play, same for those already working together with the Korean company Nexon: “outside the studio, are exploring new ideas to expand the universe of Titanfall with partners such as Nexon, who are already working on some projects Titanfall, including a version free-to-play game for Korea. ”

Along with this project, Respawn Entertainment revealed that the relationship with the Korean company Nexon will also result in titles for mobile devices inspired by the game: “Also we join together to develop incredible titles that will take place in the universe of Titanfall have great things in development. , which will be discussed in the near future. “

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