Titanfall Bots Difficulty Will be Fixed

As part of lot of information that was released today, February 12, Vince Zampella, head of Respawn Entertainment, resumed the controversial topic of human players in limit-Titanfall which is 6 vs. 6 -, and explained that the count was not a whim, in addition to the difficulty of the bots will not be changed. “It was not an arbitrary number we draw from a hat … play the game … I got high [count], we had it down, 6v6 was the exact point. Was dense enough, was sufficiently chaotic, but not pretentious. “said studio founder. And when they questioned him about the difficulty of the bots, Zampella ruled that it could be changed.

Note that each team will have 6 human players, each of whom may bring their escort Titans plus 12 automated bots or players, but according to the reviews that are leaking right now, the intelligence of these bots leaves much to be desired. In addition to serving as easy to unlock Titans dams, these automated units comply with preprogrammed sequences of type campaign.

Titanfall debut on 11 February in One Xbox and PC, and register to participate in the Beta is now open.

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