Time Magazine announced Star Fox for Wii U before Nintendo E3 Announcement

Time Magazine announced Star Fox for Wii U before Nintendo E3 Announcement

A little less than an hour from the start of the Digital Event of Nintendo during E3 2014, TIME magazine published an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto new where, by accident, anticipates that the creative is working on a new game Star Fox for Wii U. The publication describes the new title with the following:

“The new version of Star Fox , players use the motion controls to aim and shoot GamePad weapons Arwing, while controlling the aircraft itself with the joysticks, which will speed up or turn to the characteristic movements series. their Arwing can also mutate into a shore tank to be fired into the surface of a planet and thus shake the battlefield. ”

The magazine also says that Miyamoto and his team have added a new vehicle, which is designed to exemplify the new motion control scheme. This allows a maximum of 2 players pilot a ship similar to a helicopter; one controlling the car itself while the other handles attached to a small ship that can drop to roll around in a limited area, either to get loot or kill some enemies robot.

Finally, in the interview, Miyamoto confirmed that development of the game began on the Wii and there was a small group of people experimenting with it for 6 years, but ultimately failed to find an idea that could really exploit the potential of the console.


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