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The Witcher 3 Weeping Angels Easter Egg Location – GamerFuzion

The Witcher 3 Weeping Angels Easter Egg Location

The Witcher 3 Weeping Angels Easter Egg Location

Some players of The Witcher: Wild Hunt discovered an interesting easter egg Dr. Who. According to the video you can see below, if you visit the church which is located near Lindevale it is the easter egg involving one of the races of enemies of the iconic British television series.

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Arriving at the church, you’ll encounter two angelic statues flanking the door, but in and out, you find that they moved from place and positioned for Geralt. If you turn your back to the statues and then turn around, you’ll see that changed his position to continue to monitor Geralt. As in the series, these beings seem to be locked alguiern the quantum if you are watching and why only move when Geralt is turning the other way. Fans of Dr. Who they will know that this is a reference to the race of enemies known as weeping angels

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