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The Witcher 3 Alchemy Herbs Locations Guide and List – GamerFuzion

The Witcher 3 Alchemy Herbs Locations Guide and List

The Witcher 3 Alchemy Herbs Locations Guide and List

Here you will find The Witcher 3 Alchemy Herbs Locations Guide and List and complete list of all the can be found along with the pricing and what you can collect to use them for future sales along that will help you with an endless supply of alchemical ingredients that can be used for crafting oils, potions and other alchemical substances.

Herbs can be inventory by lost of quantity as they don’t weight much and you will need them to craft materials for recipes and if you have an excess you can sell them for a good price.

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The Witcher 3 Alchemy Herbs Locations Guide and List

Herb Cost
Allspice 5
Arenaria 2
Balisse fruit 2
Beggartick blossoms 1
Berbercane fruit 3
Bison grass 1
Bloodmoss 4
Blowball 1
Bryonia 2
Celandine 2
Cortinarius 5
Crow’s eye 4
Ergot seeds 3
Fool’s parsley leaves 1
Ginatia petals 4
Green mold 2
Han fiber 4
Hellebore petals 5
Honeysuckle 8
Hop umbels 3
Hornwort 5
Longrube 4
Mandrake root 15
Mistletoe 2
Moleyarrow 4
Nostrix 7
Puffball 2
Pringrape 5
Ranogrin 6
Ribleaf 5
Sewant mushrooms 4
Verbena 5
White myrtle petals 2
Wolfsbane 3
Buckthorn 3


Herb Location
Arenaria Fields
Balisse Fruit Fields
Beggartick Blossoms Fields, swamps
Blowbill Fields
Crows eye Fields, barren
Fools Parsley Leaves Fields, next to roads
Ginatia Petals Fields
Han Fields
Honeysuckle Fields
Hop Umbels Fields
Longrube Fields, caves, rocky terrain
Moleyarrow Fields, swamps, homes
Verbena Fields
White Myrtle Fields
Celandine Fields, forests
Mandrake Root Fields, forests
Pringrape Fields, forests
Ranogrin Fields, forests
Wolfsbane Fields, forests, mountains
Barbercane Fruit Mountains, swamps
Hellebore Petals Forests
Cortinarius Forests
Pigskin Puffball Forests, caves
Sewant Mushrooms Caves
Ribleaf Cultivated terrain
Bloodmoss Swamps, rocks, caves, mountains
Hornwort Moist, rocky terrain, and underwater
Bryonia Walls, rockfaces
Nostrix Walls, rockfaces
Buckthorn Underwater

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