The Last of Us Training Manuals can be located through the different levels in the game.

The Last of Us training manuals

The Last of Us Training Manuals can be located in the entire game in which this guide will help you find all the locations in the game.  The Training Manuals main purpose in the game is to improve Joel’s Crafting Skills as he will be needing them in the game to help him fight the infected and humans also.

Follow our complete The Last of Us Training Manuals guide to get all the different types of tips and tricks where to find all the locations where the manuals appear. Training manuals help upgrade crafts. For example, the shiv breaks upon it’s first use early in the game. However, finding a training manual about the shiv will upgrade all future shivs to have two or more uses before they break. Once you find all the training manuals in the game you will be rewarded with “I got this” trophy and you will be closer to upgrading Joel’s skills and crafting as he will be needing it to face the different types of obstacles.

If you need additional help with completing the entire game then you take a look at our full walkthrough to help you with your strategy and see our guides to show you how to unlock all the needed trophies in the game.

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