The Last of Us Artifacts Locations Guide

The Last of Us Artifacts Locations can be found through the entire game.

The Last of Us Artifacts Locations

The Last of Us Artifacts Locations need to be found for you to be able to advance in the game and complete certain objectives in the game. In the game you will need to collect maps, letter and charts that others have left behind in which it will help you move through the story and strategize your playthrough of the game. Once you find all the Artifacts in The Last of Us you will be rewarded with “It was all just lying there” trophy.

Follow our complete Guide to help you find all the locations and guide you by completing objectives and different missions in the game.  Also artifacts help you by upgrading and earning items that will help you advance through the single player mode as Joel and Ellie face the apocalyptic world. If you need additional help in completing the game or completing any trophies in the game then follow our walkthrough.

TOC: Walkthrough, Review, Artifacts Locations

Video Guide [ click on the images to video video]

Chapter 1-2 Chapter 3
The Last Of Us ~ Quarantine Zone Collectible Locations  (Chapters 1 and 2)
The Last Of Us ~ The Outskirts Collectible Locations  (Chapter 3 )


Artifact to Collect:

  • Maps
  • Letters
  • Charts
  • Throwable objects – Some items can be picked up and then used as weapons, such as bricks andcinder blocks. Some crafted objects are also used as throwable weapons like a Molotov Cocktail.
  • Ammunition – Arguably the most important item, ammunition is needed for Joel’s firearms. It can be found on defeated survivors but is usually in very short supply.
  • Battery – Batteries are used in battery-powered appliances, like a torch.
  • Binding – Bindings are materials used to bind one or more items. Duct tape, toilet paper and string are good examples of bindings.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol can be used in crafting—for instance, combining toilet paper and alcohol together will give Joel a Molotov Cocktail. On the other hand, it is a critical part of Medkits
  • Blade – Blade are sharp objects that can cut such as sissors or nails.
  • Sugar – Rare supplies of food and nutrition, these do not replenish Joel’s health.
  • Explosives – Rare explosive weapons.
  • Canister – These include tin cans and water bottles.
  • Rag – cloths and such

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