The Last of Us collectibles Locations Guide

The Last of Us Collectibles in the game can be found in this article.

the last of us collectibles

The Last of Us Collectibles locations can be located through the entire game, we have created all the different guides in the game to help you find them all. There are about 5 main collectibles in the game that are part of the trophies that you will need to collect to advance through the game. Here are all the trophy collectibles:

There are also different collectibles that you will need to be able to upgrade all the main collectibles, gathering the Parts and supplements locations are crucial to upgrading your skills in the game, which are skills for fighting and surviving. See below the skills collectibles:

All The Last of Us Collectibles are important to collect in the game as they will upgrade your skills, weapons, abilities and much more. You can follow our complete walkthrough to give you an idea of what you will need to do and how to strategize your gameplay in the game. When you collect all the collectibles in the game you will be rewarded with the Scavenger trophy.


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