After all, the ambitious play in 2013 revelation lent to think of something fishy. Well, the good news is that The Division is a great ONLINE ACTION RPG with lots of room for more growth.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has contextually New York City after a devastating biological attack that left the desolate city plagued by crime groups and unscrupulous. You take the role of a special operative who activated during this event to meet with others in its class and ensure continuity of government.

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No sooner have you spent half an hour, you’ll encounter another distinctions The Division: personalization. In Tom Clancy’s The Division there are no classes, so you can make your agent what pleases you, either a character support, a tank or a mixture of both and what makes you look the best.

That said, the game structure is not very different from that to which you are accustomed. The idea is that you enter the world of The Division, you meet with your friends and begin to carry out missions to level up, collect loot and upgrade your character, taking him from being a poor devil to a killing machine with the best of the best in their pockets. And also your wardrobe, the protagonist in The Division can combine pleasure a very broad skills and passive effects repertoire, while arms can be set fully, changing the peepholes, grips, capacity cartridges, etc. .

To give you and overview of all this, it is your command center, a real place in New York, consisting of 3 different wings: Medical, Tech and Security. The idea is to improve different areas of the base, in order to restore basic city services and is based on this structure that you delegate primary, secondary missions and meetings, all aligned with one of the three areas mentioned. Thus, each to do missions medical wing, you’ll earn credits that allow you to improve it and, in parallel, unlock perks health related, and so does the technical and safety wing.

But before getting involved in these tasks, we need to find certain characters who will lead their respective areas and give you missions. In other words, fiction and game structure are well amalgamated, although it will be several hours before you understand all that to perfection and maybe that’s one of the flaws of the game: the user experience when navigating menus, skills, perks, mods, missions, etc., may become overwhelming.

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Another element that could be better is the story. During the 15 or 20 hours it takes the central campaign, you discover who the hell released the green poison on the city, but when you find out, left with a feeling of unexciting conformity. There is a shocking twist in the plot and the characters are uninteresting, starting with yours, who represents the Messiah New York but never speaks. This is usually a deliberate decision, aimed at facilitating the projection of the user on your avatar nameless.

But how it feels to play The Division? Well, it’s an action game in the third person with a very reliable coverage system, so if you played anything in the vein of Gears of War, Uncharted or Ghost Recon, you will feel like a fish in water. Then the dynamic is to use the matchmaking which certainly works well – to join a group of friends (up to 3 can walk with you) or strangers and take the road to the nearest mission. Walks can be somewhat tedious, as there are no vehicles but much snow, if you do fast-travel, things may turn heavy. Fortunately, there has been more than 5 minutes before you come across either enemies or some activity, such as collecting the tapes of a drone, find out the whereabouts of a missing agent, listen to voice recordings of citizens who describe the first days of the disaster or relive important events of the crisis through holographic curious sequences that pay better understand what happened in the city.

As I mentioned, the controls are solid. The cover system works smoothly and mobility between walls and columns during shootouts benefits greatly from a tool that allows you to automatically run to the nearest object without moving the stick if you want. And the magic begins to become apparent when you and your friends use their skills and perks. So while a player uses his shield to break through the enemy, another throws a dart healing, while a third put a sentry gun with a flamethrower mod to suppress the enemy.

There are different types of enemies and different criminal groups. Some are former convicts, others are paramilitaries and some more are obsessive arsonists, and they all operate in a relatively differently, not to mention that there is always the classic adversary rush in your direction with a shotgun. AI does not remain static when you shove them one grenade or start to outflank and that left me satisfied.

Another issue that is worth trying is the depth of the Dark Zones. The Big Apple the Division is divided into two main regions, the PVE where areas along with your friends, fighting the AI, and Dark Zones, where in addition to automated can beat you in combat with other human players. In other words, the Dark Zones are the front PVP and understand what you wanted to achieve Massive Entertainment with them because in these hybrids districts can find the juiciest game loot and take it from others.

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The Dark Zone is like ground zero. It is super polluted and nothing can find out there just like that. It is necessary to remove and sterilize it, so you fire a flare and call a helicopter to your coordinates. When you do, everyone knows that is the extraction and have something valuable and when I say “all” I mean NPC and human adversaries alike. The idea is that when the helicopter arrives, have to defend that span of land of the enemies as you draw your stuff. But in practice, the experience is usually much more … civilized. These games change a lot over the months and do not rule out that Massive Entertainment-indeed make adjustments, and are doing- but at the time you read this, the Dark Zones feel a little stagnant.

Just last week, Ubisoft did a survey to find out how many players had been hostile to other humans in the Dark Zone, what is known as being Rogue. 70% never had done or had done only once. So when you walk in, there is that feeling of real risk, facing the unpredictable, but rather wanted to find heavy loot and removing it in a way polite and happy. I’m not saying there are no more daring players just that experience is inconsistent and is not exactly what I thought it would be but is something that Ubisoft may enhance to make it challenging.

The Division took me over 25 hours because he was captured and others, and after reaching level 30, all become enemies level 25 except in areas 25-30- level, you unlock daily missions that are the same as already made but at a level of especially challenging difficulty, and special Phoenix credits used to buy equipment elite (yellow), not to mention the crafting, future raids and encounters and side quests that you have not done that are quite.

The presentation, I insist: The Division has an outstanding appearance. Wait until nightfall and you’ll see what I mean, besides the attention to detail it is evident. There is a good amount of buildings to explore, all designed by hand and tell a story about who occupied that space. There are even posts with notices that move with the wind, mannequins in department stores are interactive; you can close the doors of abandoned cars and when it begins to snow, the bodies are affected by the accumulation of ice, starting with your own character, whose clothing is covered with snow. In fact there are so intense storms that affect your ability to complete certain missions, which is refreshing. There is also a good deal of destructiveness and audio falls short of what is described above, although there is always something to encounter stiff in voice actors. That said, surprised that The Division I let you change the written and spoken language on the fly, without restarting the console or anything like that.

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However, although The Division is a stable game, especially when compared to the abominations of Unity – there are imperfections, beginning with the scandal of the bodies that cannot be cross and hinder some displacement in enclosed spaces. The Division crashed a couple of times in twenty five hours of play and was disconnected a few times without any reason. I got to see fellow slide without moving his feet on stages and behave in an irregular manner by clipping or problems with textures bodies. All this is anomalous sporadic and not constant, but as you play is therefore likely to happen to you.

So what I found The Division? I loved it. Not reinventing the wheel, but shows great care and feels fresh. It is a game that looks great, which is enjoyed with friends and provides enough content to get even what you paid for it. The Dark Zones needs additional work to make it do what Ubisoft intends. In any case, the recommendation is that you play with friends and you will have so much fun leveling up and going against all the different type of enemies. The Division is enjoyed alone or with strangers, but with friends is a delightful experience.

  • 95%
    Gameplay - 95%
  • 85%
    Story - 85%
  • 95%
    Content - 95%
  • 85%
    Audio - 85%
  • 90%
    Graphics - 90%
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