The Division Private and Public Loot Drop – How do you get them

How do the The Division Private and Public loot drops work in PVE and PVP.

In this next guide will talk about The Division Private and Public Loot Drops and how do each of them work and how you can get the loot to spawn. In The Division we have Private loot and Public Loot and how does each differ from each other?

The Division Private Loot is the only loot that you can see and nobody else in the game can see. Is called private because during PVE it will drop and show only for you and only you can claim it.

The Division Public Loot – The public loot is more complicated to get it as is a loot that shows for everyone and anyone who can get it first and protect it will be able to take it with them. In the Public Loot and all the chest that are public is where you PVP section of The Division shows up and this is where you will go against other members from the community to see who plays better defends the loot and acquire it.

In the Public Loot you will find various items inside the loot if you are able to acquire it from other opponents who are trying to do the same. Public gear can only be found in the Dark Zone and there you can find better gear from them. For more on the private and public loot take a look at Laserbolts video below.

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