The Division Dark Zone Keys Locations

In this guide will be showing you The Division Dark Zone Keys that are in the map.

The Division Dark Zone Chests locations can be found in the game various ways and there are multiple places in where you can find them as you progress through it. The Dark Zone is PVP part of the game in which you will face off various opponents who want the same thing as you so if you have the dark zone keys do take care of them as your oppoenent will try to go after you. Now the Dark Zone keys can be found in two type of ways, the first way to finding Dark Zone keys in the game is by opponents. When I say opponents is the enemies that have them themselves in the inventory and you can only acquire their dark zone keys if you are able to kill them and once they die you can loot their keys and anything that can be useful to you now or for any future activities. The second part where you can find the dark zone keys are in the different chest that you can find in the game. There are various chest are located in the game that have different type of access and some of them do and don’t have dark zone keys. Will show you below once we start getting their locations where you can find there keys. Now not all chest in the dark zone have keys but with patient you can find many. Stay tune as will be bringing more guides on The Division. You can also check The Division Hub page for more about the game.

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