The Division Dark Zone Chests Locations guide

In this guide will be showing you The Division Dark Zone Chests locations that are in the map.

The Division Dark Zone Chests locations can be found in the game various ways and there are multiple places in where you can find them. The Dark Zone is PVP part of the game in which you will face off various enemies or opponents who want the same thing as you. Now the Dark Zone keys can be found in drops by enemies with higher level or other opponent. The dark zone chests can be found in various dark zone parts of manhattan. There are I believe 6 dark zone places where you can find the chests and the ones that need your dark zone keys are probably being guarded heavily by enemies with high rank. There are also other various chest that are located in the game that have different type of access and some of them do and don’t have the use of the dark zone keys and will provide you with locations to those too. Will show you below once we start getting their locations where you can find there all the different chests. Stay tune as will be bringing more guides on The Division. You can also check The Division Hub page for more about the game.

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The Division Dark Zone chests locations in the first Dark Zone.

1. The first Dark Zone Chest is located on 31st Street (The way you will spawn the chest in this section and in any other location you will first need to eliminate all the opponents and once you do that the chest will spawn. In other word no short cuts to unlocking the chests.

2. The Second Chest Location in The Dark Zone for The Division can be found down by Madison Street and by Murphy Library.

3. This third chest can be found in the Dark Zone by 6th street. You will make your way through double doors that are slightly open and go through them. Once you go through the various double doors you will face off some cleaners and take them out. Once you take out the cleaners you will then find your chest in the rear behind some black crates.

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