The Division Abilities: Skills, Perks Talents How will it work

The Division Abilities: Skills, Perks Talents How will it work with your game progression

In the latest for the Division  we have some new information to offer you on how the Division Abilities may work with all the skills, perks and talents that you have in your skills tree.

Ubisoft has released a new note on these 3 items and will share them with you with all the information that we know so far.

So lets talk about The Division Skills and how they go with your character along with the different bosses that you will fight in the game. In your character you will be able to see what type of load out he might be carrying. So with each level you approach you will be facing a boss that is of a higher difficulty and depending how your skills are upgraded is how you will overcome each boss. For more details let see below what the developers from The Division have to say more.\

Marcus explains the experience system perfectly, “It helps contextualize a player’s progression. Our brain uses contrasts all the time, so having levels gives you something to compare with.” Every adversary we encounter in The Division is tied to a level, just as our agents are, so naturally those who are of a higher level are more difficult and pose a much greater threat. However, with every level up your agent becomes more powerful and gains access to more advanced technology,  unlocking skill modifications along with talents to assist them with even greater challenges. If you aren’t prepared, your agent is revived upon death at a distant safe point, and regardless of where that is the path back to your encounter may be filled with new dangers. Choose your fights wisely as you can return at a later point with better equipment and skills!

Next will talk about The Division Skills. How do you unlock skills? Do you unlock them as you begin the game? Well Skills are acquire as you complete tasks in the game and you do not unlock them right off the bat or in other word right from beginning.  Also skill can have different modifications to them and you can swap between them once you unlock more.

Skills are one of the aspects of the game that help define the player’s role the most,” says Drew. Each one creates a unique strategic approach to encounters, tailored to your preferred playstyle. However, not all skills are available immediately. As agents travel through the world and complete missions, they become more diverse and gain access to more choices. Each skill can then equip an array of modifications. Whether it’s as simple as doing more damage or increasing the scan range, these modifications alter functions to fit a variety of situations. Similar to how you unlock skills, Andrada explains that modifications are made available through your mission progress. While some may take more time to gain access to than others, the two main skills you select will come down to personal preference and tactical advantages. When you have access to multiple choices, they can be swapped around as you see fit, so be sure to plan your approach!

Next lets talk about The Division Talents and Perks that are in the game. These just like skills can be unlocked through the game as you progress through it and have a big impact on the progression of your player.

Whether you like to play solo, support a group of friends, or sit back and dish out damage with the biggest gun possible, each talent allows you to take that extra step needed toward specializing your playstyle. Similar to skill modifications, talents are unlocked through  your mission progress.

Now what do we know about The Devision Perks System. Perks get unlocked in the game as you progress through the missions which can give you from increasing number of items that you can carry in the game such items to craft.

Andrada describes the function of perks as convenience enhancers. We, as agents, will feel ourselves progressing further as we complete more missions and unlock more perks. Once unlocked, perks are active and do not need to be triggered in any way. From increasing the number of items you can carry to additional crafting materials, each perk brings its own convenience that presents a sense of your agent’s progression within the world of The Division. However, unlocking all the perks is directly tied to your mission progress as well, so get to work!

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