The Darkness 2 Review (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

The Darkness 2 Review (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Darkness has been here from the very beginning and has habited many humans and tearing its way through this world but little did they know that they did not own this  dark power but darkness it self own them.

Now we are in Jackie Estecado's era, where he got paid to kill and do things that gangsters would do for life, but something that he never imagined happed on his 21st birthday and things just got darker and Jackie got stronger as this demon inside him grew stronger and all turned against him. Now in life we all leave for others and when those that you love are taken then things change forever. For Jackie having Jennie murdered was the only thing that hes had to leave for and now he has nothing to loose as he goes after the mob but at the same time controlling this demon inside him.

During the gameplay you will use Jackie’s arms to hold the a set of two guns in which you will use along the two demon arms to your advantage. You will use it to rip, tear, eat through bodies and throw them. A more bloody and gory game than the previous one. You will use your LB and RB bottons to control the demons arms in which this time around are stronger and you will be able to do more than just kill your enemy with blows. You can use the combination of grabbing your enemy with one demon arm and the other one will tear them apart while using your two piece to fight off the rest of the enemies.  You can also use the arms to grab the enemy and perform a anaconda move or a wishbone to annihilate your enemy. The game lacks boss fight but who wants boss fights when you have tons of enemies shooting at you and bullets flying all over around you. 

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Also you will have the help of only one darkwing this time in which it will help you through the gameplay to focus attention away from you and attack you r enemy.

Now Jackie can upgrade his two demons arms by accessing the talent shrine by purchasing talents throughout the gameplay. But with all the talents that he can acquire the darkness in him is weak against light and at all times you will need to be aware of your surroundings where the light is and if anyone is carrying any type of lighting to attack you with.

Graphics of the game are an improvement from the previous game and captures the darkness of the game better and by making it more mysterious and evil looking  than the first game. The characters models and surrounding buildings have more details along with great voice acting specially for Jackie where it actually captures his both sides of him the good in him fighting with the evil which is trying to take over him.

Overall Jackie is a great protagonist through out the entire game destroying with the two demon arms with the new combination moves that it has. The campaign is only about 7 hours long making you want more but the game surpasses the first one and with being more darker and non stop action from the beginning this will make a fan favorite first person game for this year.

We give Darkness a 9 out of 10 

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