Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Walkthrough Strategy Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Follow the complete Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Walkthrough that will provide you with the strategy to be able to defeat your opponent with any of the Ferrari vehicles. Now who does not want to driver a Ferrari at top speed? Well you will have a chance in Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends to test all the Ferrari's from day one and until the current time. Step into a Ferrari Enzo and hear it roar as you step into the eleventh game series of the game and drive all the Ferraris. 

Ferrari Legends will focus on Ferrari's history across almost all of the racing disciplines, including Formula One, rally racing, and GT. There will be over 50 different Ferrari vehicles to drive, and each will show off full realistic interior and exterior models, as well as damage effects.

Part 1 Intro      

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Gameplay Let's Play Part 1 Overview



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