Terraria Walkthrough and Wiki Guide (PSVITA)

Terraria walkthrough will guide you through the story of this limitless explorer and builder.

Terraria ps vita
Terraria ps vita

Terraria Walkthrough will take you through the different scenarios in the game. From Building, defending and protecting what you build as you master building and explore by collecting different items. Follow along the complete video game walkthrough to help you move through different sections and how to best build and protect in the PS VITA platform. There are about 200 crafting recepies and over 25 blocks See the video game walkthrough below for Terraria.


  • Includes PSVita Cross-Platform Play, enrolling PS®Vita players in Terraria‘s wider community and allowing them to interact and game with PS3 system players.
  • A redesigned PSVita control system (including touch support), an intuitive crafting/item interface and a revamped tutorial world.
  • PlayStation Network online multiplayer allows up to 8 players! Fight bosses together, build awesome castles or duel each other in PvP combat!
  • A glimpse of the upcoming Terraria 1.2 update, including over a dozen new items & recipes, 2 completely new armor sets, more that 20 new NPC types including 8 new Zombie enemies and 6 fearsome new Demon Eye.
  • PlayStation®Network leaderboards & trophies.

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