Super Street Fighter 4 is an updated version of Street Fighter 4 with a few upgrades, especially to the multiplayer mode which allows you to watch vs matches with your friends and do all the trash talking needed.  It also introduces 10 new characters which total 35 characters which are all unlockable once you begin the game.  Right now we can say this is the best fighting game available on the market. It also gives newcomers an option to watch gameplay of previous matches and learn how to use and fight with certain characters.

The biggest enhancement is the layout of the menu for the multiplayer online modes, the only thing we had a problem with was the arcade mode storylines.

The stage layout is very well detailed and the characters look and feel never seem to be a letdown with any street fighter game.

This is the type of game that speakers are a must, especially if you’re pwning someone slap them and smack them around the songs could use some improvement.

Till someone invents a different and better fighting system street fighter will be king for a long time to come. Plus allowing newcomers to watch replays is a big plus.

Once again the Replay system will have hooked on watching matches, but the enhanced multiplayer will keep you coming for more.

Diffently one of the best fighting games.

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