Super 3D Noah’s Ark is Republished for Super Nintendo

Super 3D Noah’s Ark is Republished  for Super Nintendo.

Former members of Wisdom Tree, the studio behind the unlicensed SNES game, Super 3D Noah’s Ark , reissued his heinous creation and offer $ 65 USD by orders via mail. This new edition does not yet appear on their website , where other evidence of his disreputable bookstore, offered including Aventures Bible and Spiritual Warfare .

The game is known for appearing in a famous episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd, Bible Games . The title is a strange clone of Wolfenstein , in which Noah uses his slingshot to put to sleep goats. Now, the game has a reissue with case, we assume that only the most assiduous collectors.

The title is one of the few who managed unlicensed Nintendo evade sanctions through a system similar to the Game Genie, which had to be inserted on a real cartridge Super 3D Noah’s Ark to operate it. Of course, it was a failure and was only sold in Christian bookstores and small parishes. As for the resemblance to Wolfenstein seems that Wisdom Tree bought the license for the game engine from id Software.

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