Through an entry on his website , Capcom announced that the next update for Street Fighter V arrives next week. As you know, the update is eagerly awaited by gamers as it will include story mode.

As reported earlier, the story so Street Fighter V will be a free expansion that will last between 3 to 4 hours. A Shadows Falls will the events that happened between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III when Shadoloo launches 7 black moons that give him power M. Bison immense.

On the other hand, the update of June Street Fighter V will also include Ibuki as a selectable character. In late May Capcom released a lot of information on this character, click here to read it.

Finally, Capcom said that this update will also include new sets and costumes, which will be available on the PlayStation Store and Steam. As you know, every stage of Street Fighter V has a cost of $3.99 if it is a new version of an existing scenario; on the other hand history costumes cost $1.99, while the price of skins Premium is $3.99.

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