Street Fighter V Beta Returning October 22

Street Fighter V Beta Returning October 22

Capcom said that the Street Fighter V beta returns to PlayStation 4 from October 22 to 25. This trial will be available in PC March 24 to 25.

As you can imagine, the intent of this second beta test will feature cross-platform between PC and PlayStation 4.This means that during last 2 days of the Beta, those who play console can battle against members of the PC Master Race in heavy fighting.

The new trial will also feature a new matchmaking system. In addition, players can control characters like Ken ,Necalli , Vega and R.Mika since the beginning of the Beta. If you do not speak enough fighters, Rashid will be available on October 23 and Karin the 24th of that month.

If you intend to test the Beta on PC I recommend you visit this link to learn about the features that you need your computer to run it.

A few days ago we had the opportunity to interview Yoshinori Ono, producer of Street Fighter , which we said that the next installment of this series could reach arcade.

Street Fighter V debut before the end of spring next year on PlayStation 4 and PC. Do not forget to click here to find more news related to this game.

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