As part of the series of Overwatch updates , today Blizzard announced a new chapter of the Overwatch Archives series, in which you can participate in a mission along with several heroes.

In the transmission that the company shared, the voice of Sojourn is heard speaking to Commander Morrison, (Soldier: 76) and in it the soldier is proposed to participate in a mission.

The sender explains that the efforts to confirm the culpability of Doomfist are not paying off and that they must act differently. Subsequently, Sojourn details that they will try to intercept Maximilian and thus get the results.

To carry out these plans, it will be necessary for Morrison to deploy the assault team consisting of Mercy, Winston and Genji as support and Tracer in command.

Although no further information was given, at the end of the audio recording, the company invites to “pursue the truth”. In addition, it was determined that the duration of this event will be approximately 20 days, since it will be available from next April 16 until May 6.

Previously there have already been 2 deliveries of Overwatch Archives, Retribution and Uprising, and Storm Rising is expected to continue with the story line, which has fans very happy because it provides more information about the history of the game.

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