Steam Winter Sale start date revealed

If you were a good gamer all year, you’ve probably saved to give you a treat in the expected sale of winter Steam , so we have good news: already confirmed their start date.

The official account of PayPal UK published a tweet which invites players to press a button to know the start date promotions. When they do, it will be revealed that the winter sale starts on December 22 and the system will post a tweet on the users account inviting their followers to know the start date.

This marketing campaign is not the first to reveal the date of the expected winter discounts.

At the moment there are not many details about the type of sales that we can expect. However, this is one of the favorite sales of players since it is usually the best discounts. Also, if we are guided by what we saw last year, it is possible that this time there is also a special mechanic to get collectible cards.

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