Starfield How to unlock your boost pack

To obtain the Boost Pack in Starfield, ensure you have unlocked the Boost Pack Training skill and possess a backpack equipped with boosters. Certain Starfield backgrounds, such as Bounty Hunter or Soldier, automatically grant access to the Boost Pack Training skill. However, for other backgrounds, reaching Level 2 is sufficient to earn the skill point required for unlocking Boost Pack Training.

The most efficient way to acquire a suitable backpack for jetpacking is to follow the main storyline for the initial two hours. After the initial events on Vectera, your Starfield companion, Barrett, will appear and introduce you to Constellation. He will then provide you with his ship, allowing you to visit The Lodge on New Atlantis.

Barrett, dressed in his space suit, will interact with the player character in Starfield. Game Studios Continue following the storyline and completing objectives, eventually leading you to New Atlantis. At The Lodge, engage with Sarah Morgan, and upon joining Constellation, you’ll receive the Constellation Backpack.

Once you’ve unlocked the Constellation Backpack, access the main menu, navigate to inventory, select Packs, and equip the Constellation Pack. You can later upgrade to a superior pack as needed, ensuring it contains boosters if you wish to continue utilizing the Boost ability for jetpacking across the Settled Systems.

By following these steps, you should have acquired at least one skill point. Open the menu once again, proceed to skills, navigate to the “Tech” tab, and select “Boost Pack Training” to activate the ability to use your Boost Pack whenever desired.