Starfield How to Get Despondent Assassin Legendary Sniper Rifle

Get the Despondent Assassin Legendary Sniper Rifle now and follow all the steps that you will be able to do to get this amazing sniper.

To acquire the Despondent Assassin weapon in Starfield, you need to successfully complete two quests: False Positives and Leader of the Pack. Both of these quests are situated in Akila City on the planet Akila, within the Cheyenne system.

Initiate the first quest, False Positives, after resolving a hostage situation at GalBank upon your initial arrival in Akila City. Following the completion of this quest, proceed to the nearby street and eavesdrop on the heated argument between Keoni Alpin and Davis Wildon. After their discussion, engage with Davis Wildon to kickstart the quest for Leader of the Pack. Interestingly, Leader of the Pack seamlessly follows False Positives, making it easy to overlook the transition between the two.

Upon successfully finishing both quests, Keoni Alpin will present you with the Despondent Assassin rifle as a reward. This legendary firearm boasts three notable perks:

  1. Demoralizing: Grants a small chance to demoralize a target.
  2. Hitman: Provides a +15 percent damage boost while aiming.
  3. Anti-Personnel: Increases damage by +10 percent against human adversaries.

Despondent Assassin will be handed to you with 40 physical damage right out of the box.