Starfield Factions Explained

Factions in the universe of the game represent distinct groups of individuals encountered during your exploration. There are five primary factions available for players to align with:

  1. The United Colonies
  2. The Freestar Rangers
  3. Ryujin Industries
  4. Constellation
  5. The Crimson Fleet

Beyond these major factions, there are smaller factions with less prominent roles in your interactions, yet they play vital roles in the storyline. These minor factions include:

  1. The Spacers
  2. Argos Extractors
  3. House of Va’ruun
  4. The Enlightened
  5. The Sanctum Universum
  6. Ecliptic Mercenaries
  7. The Ebbside Strikers
  8. The Disciples

Among these minor factions, you initially start as an employee of Argos Extractors and have the option to align with Sanctum Universum or The Enlightened. Alternatively, you can select a background in which you grew up within the House of Va’ruun, or attempt to persuade the Neon Strikers to accept you into their ranks. However, these are the sole minor factions available for player alignment.