Star Wars Battlefront will run at 60 FPS and Power-Ups

When a user asked Fegraeus how fast you run the game, he replied “will be at 60 fps!” Although he did not specify the resolution of the title. Regarding the choice between playing in first or third person, the designer replied that, as a soldier, the player can choose the one that best suits between.

As the shield on the trailer, Fegraeus explained that this is one of many power-ups that will be revealed in the future. Fegraeus also said it will be possible to engage in space battles in the skies of different planets in different series. Maps, meanwhile, have different sizes, this in order to experiment with different game modes.

In addition, a fan asked what the difference between this new title and original, to which the project manager simply replied that “are different and similar in many ways. That’s why we’ve done a reboot instead of calling Battlefront 3 “.

Finally, the designer explained that the option to play split screen is only available for local mode, as the missions.

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