Star Trek Helios 1 All Collectibles Research Data, Audio Logs, Tribble Locations

Star Trek The video game Helios 1 all collectibles locations can be found by following the guide below and the video guides that will take you through the entire mission. After you gather all the collectibles from Helios you will unlock the Beat Helios Achievement and trophy in the game. Complete all the Helios chapter collectibles such as Data, Audio Logs and tribble locations.

Star Trek Helios

Star Trek Helios 1 data research Locations:

Helios Station – Vulcan Hyprospray

The first Star Trek video game collection that can be found is in the room where Kirk and Spock have to hack the first door.

After a short scene showing a Vulcan scientist fit and asked to open the door, use the button on the right side of the door to enter the room.

Vulcan scientific approach and while facing him, turn left, to notice a desk. On the right side of the table is the first Star Trek research data that belongs to the Station in September Helios. Once you recover, remain in the same room.

Helios Station – of T’Mar Audio Log 1

After collecting the previous collection, is the first Star Trek Audio Log on Helios Station. It’s in the same room where the Hyprospray found Vulcan.

To locate more quickly, check the console you have to cut, and while facing it, turn right and look down. In the corner of the room, on the ground is the second collection of Star Trek in Chapter 1.

Helios Station – Helios Engineering Scheme

At the command center Helios Station, a new scene begins to display a Vulcan engineer, who says he will not leave his team behind.

Make sure that after the scene that explores the great hologram in the center of the room, to get the second Helios-1 collectible.

Helios Station – of Surok Audio Log 1

Once you leave the Command Center with Turbolift will reach a new hall. To your left you will see a box and in it the second Star Trek Chapter 1 Audio Log. Take it but remain in the same corridor.

Helios Station – Tribble seventh

Immediately after finding the Surok Audio session, check the door in front of you, instead of the brand in the HUD. Even if you can not get through that door, behind him is another collection that belongs to a new series.

It’s on the left side of the room behind the locked door in a pyramid and scanned from a distance.

Helios Station – Helios Cluster Control

Later in the chapter, after completing the base of the space station is very likely to find T’Mar. After the scene, once you gain control over your character, turn right and scan the console near you.

It is located in the departure area of ​​the final chapter. Make sure you do not follow T’Mar since the final scene is activated.

Helios Station – of T’Mar Audio Log 2

Several steps of the console that contains the data of the previous research, you should see a box. If you turn on the scanner and the object, you will notice another mobile phone containing the latest collectible in the third chapter and audio session Helios. This specific record also belongs to T’Mar.


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