South Park The Stick of Truth could get a sequel

Matt Stone, co-creator of the animated series South Park and their most recent game, The Stick of Truth, told an American means that a sequel is viable, provided that this title has a good reception. “We’ll see how they are.” Said Stone, referring to The Stick of Truth. “This was a tremendous task, more than we expected.

Never say never. Would do it again, in a way. Think that video games are really interesting.” He added. From a critical perspective, South Park: The Stick of Truth was a success, but we need to know how you are doing in sales. In another vein, Stone acknowledged that adapting to South Park game was a challenge due to the format of the medium when compared with television. “It definitely was a great learning curve for Trey [Parker] and me. Has made many mistakes and assumptions.”

With respect to new consoles, Stone conceded buying one to play FIFA and revealed that surely played Titanfall.

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