Sony will currently not entertaining the Play Anywhere that Microsoft revealed at E3 2016

Microsoft rocked the gaming world when announced Play Anywhere , an initiative that plans to unify the audience of Xbox One and PC to launch their exclusive on both platforms.

At a recent meeting with investors, Andrew House, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment was asked about the possibility that the company makes a similar change in the ecosystem of PlayStation. The management response was not encouraging for those who hope to see games like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PC, as it ensures that Sony thinks that the ecosystems of a platform are the best option.

“Yes, there was a great emphasis guys Microsoft in the cross-play between Microsoft and Xbox. Need to see if there is a latent demand for it. But we do not see this affecting or cause any change in our strategy. We have always believed that an ecosystem that offers a well-made and unified customer experience is the way to go, and that remains our strategy, “said House.

As you know, thanks to the program Anywhere Play games like Gears of War 4 and Sea of Thieves will have cross-play between Xbox One and PC; In addition, players who purchase a digital copy of these titles can be enjoyed on both platforms.

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