Sony PlayStation says more than 100 projects in development for PlayStation VR

Compared to HTC or self Oculus, Sony has proved somewhat more secretive about their PlayStation VR viewer edition of CES this year. However, and although the producer PlayStation has revealed new information about your device’s president and CEO of the company, Kaz Hirai , he has dared to anticipate that it will have many projects to his credit.

In a recent meeting with the BBC, the president of Sony Corporation has revealed that more than a hundred projects are already in development for virtual reality viewer. Thanks to the program they created for the device, they have managed to do with the support of over 200 developers, themselves already working in more than 100 titles for it. It also states that the impact of the platform has been such that the number of interested in working on this continues to increase.

In addition to the declaration of Hirai about PlayStation VR , just as it has emerged that possibly the viewer come to count on a price of between $400 and $600, which would not be very far from that which will Oculus Rift. 

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