Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed comes to mobile

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed comes to mobile for iOS and Android.

SEGA announced Thursday launched a mobile version of its racing game Sonic All-Stars Racing TransformedThe portable edition is available for operating systems iOS and Android for $4.99 USD and has micro transactions.

Besides Sonic, the game includes 10 characters from classic Sega titles like Crazy Taxi , Jet Set RadioShenmue , Samba de Amigo or Shinobi . These can be unlocked as we progress into the title either, bought with real money. Others come over the next few weeks, but it is unknown what will.

This version uses rings as the official currency, can be obtained with real money or as we progress and are used to buy new items, characters and events. Players are asked to pay a certain amount of rings each time you start a new game, but can choose to pay $ 9.99 USD for unlimited access careers and all levels of difficulty.


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