Sniper Elite 3 Weapon Parts Locations Guide

Sniper Elite 3 Weapon Part Locations Guide can be found by completing the entire game

Sniper Elite 3 Weapon Part Locations Guide can be located in each of the mission of the game. There will be about 2 parts for the weapons for each mission that you will need to find as you play the game. In total there are 15 weapons parts in Sniper Elite 3 that you will require to get if you want the Dedicated Soldier achievement or guide.  The 15 parts that you acquire are for upgrading your Sniper riffle and Binoculars so you can see further and be more lethal. Follow the video guide below to help you find all the Sniper Elite weapon parts in the game:

TOC: Walkthrough | Achievements | Trophies | Diaries Locations Collectible Cards Locations | Weapon Parts Locations

Sniper Elite 3 Weapon Parts Locations

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