Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough and Wiki Guide

The Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough will guide you through the entire island missions.

Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough is where you will be taken through what Wei Shen Faces the ultimate test of his mastery of martial arts in which you will be taking on the world’s greatest warriors in a fight to the death. This new DLC from Square Enix i set on the remote Zodiac Island, a crumbling temple complex plays host to a series of ancient arenas, each more complex and deadly than the last. You will nee dto be Avoiding deadly fire pits or spike-clad ceilings are merely a distraction when up against a collection of cold-blooded killers from every discipline of close-quarters combat.

In the Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough you will need to utilize all the different skills that Wei has to offer to be able to make it alive as he fights all the different cold-blooded killers. A small DLC but with this great twist make it a lot of fun to play as you fight your way through the different fights until you get to the island final boss in attempt to kill him as-well. Follow the complete Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament Walkthrough and get all the different tips and tricks to defeating your enemies.

Security Camera Locations
Health Shines Locations
Lock Boxes Locations
Jade Statues Locations
Safehouse Upgrades Locations 
Vehicles Locations
Clothes Stores Locations

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