Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 vs PC Comparison

See the Difference in Sleeping Dogs Comparison between the Xbox 360 and PC video quality.

sleeping dogs

As you watch the Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 vs PC comparison you will be able to notice a difference or none at all. Games that are release for the PC are able to display a higher video quality than the Xbox 360 as the video is somewhat compress. But see for yourself in the Sleeping Dogs comparison video and let us know what you think between both consoles. As you may or may not know the PC version comes with a “HD Texture Pack” that enhances the colors of the game and is suppose to make the video look better, but please don’t let me make up your mind and see for yourself the video above. Also, if you are looking for some help on completing the game, then take a look at the Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough to help you get through the complete game.

When it comes to combat, Sleeping Dogs has an awesome gamepla system and combat like batman’s. You can see above how the new mechanism that allows Wei to run more normal a lot better than GTA games that we have seen before.  In the walkthrough you will see that the combat system is awesome as it moves fast and with quick moves with a counter attack system make the game more appealing and with the investigation and all the different types of things that you can do, like ride a bike, car, run, fight, eat make this game one that will raise the bar for many other.  In the Sleeping Dogs Xbox vs PC comparison you get to see Wei run, fight, jump and you can see how between those two consoles he moves well and with all the features you can see colors, texture and surroundings to compare against each other.

Follow the above video, frame by frame and see the lighting, colors and textures on the characters to see if you see any difference. Check out how we use the best settings for both consoles so you can judge for yourself. What do you think? leave your comment below.

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