Sleeping Dogs Safehouse Upgrades Locations Guide

The Sleeping Dogs Guide will help you located all the upgrades for the safehouse.

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During the game at different section of it you will need to upgrade the safe house. Just like any other upgrade that you do it will help you one way or another. To find all the Sleeping Dogs Safehouse upgrades locations just take a look below where all the 14 different safehouse upgrades are located through out the game.


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Sleeping Dogs Safehouse Upgrades

1 Air Conditioner: Cost you $4620. You can get an air conditioner at the North Point inside the Night Market place.

2 Brand New Bed: Cost you $5000 and you can get it from the Night Market at the north point area.

3 Massive Sound System: Cost you $9550 which can be attained from the same Night Market at the north point area.

4 Dragon Tapestry: Cost of this item is $3000. You can have the Tapestry near the Wah Fi Storage in the central section.

5 Sofa Set: Cost $14000 at the Central Docks.

6 Coffee Table and Rug: Cost $7200, located at the K-Bar in the central area.

7 Hot Tub: Cost $25000 at Kennedy Town, Sun Yat housing.

8 Fish: Cost $850 at Kennedy Town Docks.

9  Awesome Pet Bird: Cost $3000 at Aberdeen Docks.

10 Idol of Guan Yu: Cost $4000 at Kennedy Town.

11 Giant Movie Poster:  Cost $250 at Aberdeen for.

12 Ancient Vase: Cost $8000 located at Central.

13 Strange Idol: Cost 12000 bucks at Aberdeen.

14 Plant Service at Your Place: Cost $1200 from Kennedy Town.


You can also take a look at the Sleeping Dogs Safehouse Location Map below to see where all the upgrades are:

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