Sleeping Dogs Review (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

The Sleeping Dogs will entice you from the beginning and entertain you all the way through.

sleeping dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an open world video game with cop drama and a story that will leave you wanting more. While playing the game for about 14 hours one thing I was sure of and that was Sleeping Dogs is a game to keep you entertain from the beginning until the end.

Sleeping Dogs main character is Wei Shen who at a young age was hanging around with the wrong crowd along with his sisters. Their mom try to keep their two kids aways from the gangs of Hong Kong City and moved to America, unfortunately Shen’s sister could not get away from the addiction that the gangs of Hong kong got her addicted with. Many years pass and now Shen is grown up and is a police officer with an high IQ and physical abilities that no one has. With this he moves into the Hong Kong Police department to take out the most brutal gangs from inside the Sun On Yee Triad.

I will break down the Sleeping Dogs Review is several parts which one of them will include action, why action? Because I believe that a video games are to entertain the gamer who is playing it and in this case we have an open world action drama game that satisfies any gamer all the 14 hours of gameplay. The Story of the game is fantastic as you are playing Shen a undercover Cop who always need to keep himself an check to know what is right from wrong as he tries to resolve and put out the gang members. The game put Wei Shen in the heart of where all the ruthless criminals from Hong Kong are. Shen is able to blend with these type of gangs as when he was growing up he use to hang around with. Now what is the purpose of Shen dealing with this gang members, can’t he just say no to it? Well this is were the game gets interesting! Shen has not only a professional matter to deal with but also a personal matter as one of these gang member is the responsible of his sister. I love it when games have a great story that you can follow and also live it at the same time.

sleeping dogs

The gameplay is full of non-stop action from the very beginning were Shen starts running through buildings, rooftops to try to get away. You will be doing lots of jumping, running, fighting with your bear hands. Sleeping Dogs is not just a GTA game, to me is better than that, for the reason following two reasons. First this game is non-stop action games that any corner, alley or street can turn into a fight zone and second the game comes with one of the best martial arts combat mode that allows you to punch, kick, counter-attack your opponent.  With the combat mode it gives you that satisfaction and gets you hooked while taking out your enemy with your bear hands, cleaver, or a darn bass fish. Sleeping Dogs gameplay delivered on what they were hoping and has capture many new fans that will be talking about the game as one of the best games of the year. With the combat system you are able to strike, grapples, play defense, do melee weapon attacks and is also very important that you know how to take down your enemy with a game plan a a good strategy to defeat all different type of opponents. If you think this game has enough, well thing again as you will be involved in high speed chase and heated battles with vehicles take downs and you can also as a passenger or driver can shoot at your opponent. One more thing to add to the sleeping dogs is the Slow-Mo Gunplay in which is similar to Bullet Time from Max Payne which allows you to take down your enemy in slow motion  one by one . The slow-Mo Gunplay is awesome as I saw my self doing it many times and with the combination from jumping a box and diving in makes it an epic experience. You can always take a look at our full Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough to guide you through those tough missions.

sleeping dogs

Sleeping Dogs gives you a progressive character customization as you play the game you will be able to upgrade your character abilities, looks, stamina, increase their monetary budget and many more cool things that you are able to do. You have the different types of XP points that you can check out in the video review that we have made about Face XP, Triad XP and Cop XP and the the training mode that you will need to go through to become a better martial artist fighter.

The game also comes with many collectibles like Jade Statues, Lock Boxes, Health Shrines and security cameras that you will need to collect as these will increase you different types of abilities that will help you defeat the enemy faster, smarter. Take a look at all the collectibles locations that we have  made for your use in case you need to find one or two that you just can’t seem to locate.

Now do you want to take the game online and compete for best records and stats? Then you have the Social Hub which is the leaderboards that you can compare the awards that you have won and see if anyone can take you out or who you can take out. From completing missions, best timing on car races the Social Hub gives you the option.

Sleeping Dogs graphics are gorgeous as it takes place in Hong Kong with the different types of building, object, sculptures that pulls you in it and lets you be part of it. The sound could had been better in parts like car chases with take downs or interacting with other but overall the creative voice acting in the game was fabulous and very impressive.

Sleeping Dogs will keep you entertain from the very beginning, on your feet with an awesome combat mode and intrigued all the way with the action drama of Wei Shen’s life to take personal matter to his own hands. I enjoyed playing the game from beginning to end and with all the options that this game has it will not leave you bored for a second. Overall the games is one of the best games of the years that I have played and I would not be surprised if is nominated as the best action pack video game of the year.

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