Sleeping Dogs Jade Statues Locations Guide

The Sleeping Dogs Guide will help you locate all the Jade statues locations through out the game.

sleeping dogs

Sleeping dogs comes with tons of collectibles to be gathered in the game and there are some that are some that are not part of the achievements in the game but are also important to located them. The Sleeping Dogs Jade Statues help  wei with his attack and special melee attacks gamers can access all upgrades in the game, including the melee upgrades displayed in the melee training sub-menu when they open the game menu. Unlock all the Jade Statues increase your abilities to be able to compete against your enemies when fighting against them in hand to hand combat.

To locate the Jade statues you will need to first see and follow the map that is on the bottom that will help you locate them but sometimes they do not show easily so you will need to be patient and dedicate sometime to acquire them. Once the a Jade statue is located during the game you will need to take it to whom it belongs as it will give you options on what you would like to increase in your gameplay. Follow the entire Sleeping Dogs Jade Statues Locations Guide to be able to find all of them in the game.


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