Sleeping Dogs All Security Camera Locations Guide

The following guide will help you find all the Sleeping Dogs Security Camera Locations.

sleeping dogs

Sleeping dogs comes with many collectibles that need to be located through out Hong Kong. Here you can find the the locations to all the security camera in the game. One you locate all the security cameras you will need to hack all of them to go undetected and then will be able to unlock the you will unlock the Hong Kong Super Hacker achievement and trophy guide. Follow the complete sleeping dogs security camera locations guide above to find every single spy camera.

To locate the sleeping dogs security cameras in the game you will need to look inside the map that you see on the bottom of the screen that will let you know where exactly is the camera, another way is to look through the playthrough and find them. You will need to be very careful when unlocking them as you don’t want to get caught while doing it.  Unlocking the cameras give Wei Cop XP points that allow him to upgrade his investigation and much more.


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