Sleeping Dogs all lock boxes locations guide

The sleeping dogs guide you will help you locate at the lock boxes locations in the game.

sleeping dogs

Sleeping dogs comes pack with lock boxes that you will need to unlock during the game. To be able to unlock all the lock boxes in the game you will need to fin locate them all. Follow the sleeping dogs video guide above that will help you locate all of them in the game. Each area comes with about 40 to 50 locations in the game that you will need to find. Once you locate all the lock boxes in the game you will be able to unlock the west end scavenger, central scavenger and north point scavenger.

Several way to locate all the lock boxes in the game to be able to unlock them, first you will need to find them by using your map that pops in the bottom of the gameplay, another way is playing through the game and going back into after you complete the area or you can just watch the above video guide.


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