Sleeping Dogs all Health Shrines Locations Guide

The sleeping dogs guide will help with all the locations of the Health shrines.

sleeping dogs

sleeping dogs gameplay you will come across the health shines that you will need to locate during the entire game. Once you collect any shrines it will be added to your profile, collect 5 shrines and you will be rewarded with more health in the game. Follow the video guide above that will help you collect all the shrines and give you the energy you need to keep on the missions. If you collect all the shrines in the game then you can unlock the spiritual healing achievement and trophy in the game.

To help you locate all the health shrines in the game you will need to either find them through the map which it will show you on the bottom of the screen where to find the health shrines in the game, another way is through images that you take through the gameplay and then locate them through there. You can also follow the sleeping dogs all Health Shrines Locations video guide above.


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