Sleeping Dogs all Clothes Store Locations

The Sleeping Dogs guide will help you locate all the 13 different clothes stores.

sleeping dogs

Sleeping Dogs comes with a fantastic character customization in which you can buy clothes for Wei. You are able to customize Wei appearance by purchasing clothes  from the thirteen different stores that are located throughout Hong Kong  in which you will have Eighteen different categories to dress him with. You can buy pants, shirts, bracelets, chains, watches, glasses, hats and much more that can give you a different look from any other player. Do you want more clothes then you can unlock DLC packs that will give you a chance to unlock special outfits once you unlock different missions or purchase DLCs.


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See below a video guide and map for all the clothes store locations in the game.

All clothes locations map

sleeping dogs

Sleeping Dogs Clothes Stores Locations

1. Number One Clothing
2. Very Best Discount Store
3. Savings City
4. Even Better Discount Clothing
5. Hang Sui (North Point)
6. J. Jiggler
7. Couronne
9. Hang Sui (Central)
10. Achete
11. Bruno James
12. Aspirazone
13. Salzaus

All Clothes Locations in Videos

sleeping dogs

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