Sledgehammer Games will make the next call of Duty game instead of Treyarch

Sledgehammer Games will make the next call of Duty game instead of Treyarch

As part of their stock market report today, February 6, 2014, Activision revealed that the delivery of Call of Duty this year will be developed by Sledgehammer Games, instead of Treyarch, as is the case, as the company wants the cycle production is 3 years per game.

“For the first time, the Call of Duty this year and the games Call of Duty futures, are being developed in a cycle of 3 years. “revealed Activision. And since 2007, an annual alternation between Infinity Ward (established Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts) and Treyarch (Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops). It will be the first time since then that the cycle is broken.

call of duty
call of duty

So, it is implicit that the next year will launch its iteration Treyarch, and Infinity Ward reappear until 2016, so in theory, would be provided for an increase in quality and innovation, and also to the emergence of a new spin-off the saga.

It should be noted that last year, Mark Rubin, director of Infinity Ward, confessed to develop was increasingly difficult, and the critical and commercial reception of Ghosts presented the effects of the increase in the challenge.

Sledgehammer Games was founded in 2009 and at first, was given the task of producing a Call of Duty with third-person perspective, but after the crisis at Infinity Ward and the exodus of much of his talent in 2010, the new study had to underpin the development of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

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