Skyrim Dragonborn House Buying Raven Rock Strategy Guide

Skyrim Dragonborn House Buying Straty Guide

 Skyrim Dragonborn House Buying

Skyrim Dragonborn House Buying you will need to talk to Adril Arano, Councilor Morvayn’s 2nd; he’s the guy who came out to the boat when you first arrived. He wonders the town or can be found the Councilor’s house (just left of the jetty that you came ashore on), but actually you don’t need to find him; he’ll send a message asking you to come and meet him once you’ve started helping Raven Rock… I think he contacted me after I brought the captain back (the one just outside town on a farm fighting some ash monsters). You can also go around Raven Rock before I brought the captain back such as clear the temple of ash monsters and give out alcohol samples… I don’t know if those things were related.

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