Skyrim Dragonborn Haknir Death-Brands Treasure and Helm Guide

The Skyrim Dragonborn Haknir Death-Brands Treasure and Helm Guide will help you locate them.

Death-Brands Treasure and Helm

The Skyrim Dragonborn Haknir Death-Brands Treasure and Helm Guide in which it will give you instructions on how to obtain the keys of legendary Death brand Armor in the DLC and you will be able to find the Deathbrand Armor, their location and weapons that will aid you. Follow the complete Skyrim Dragonborn guide to help you gather all the armors mentioned along with other items that you will encounter in this side mission. Follow the three video parts that are below in which they will give you the different locations of the items and much more. If you need additional help we have the complete walkthrough and other guides to aid you in completing the DLC. The great thing about the DLC is that you do not need to be level up to start playing this DLC and you can begin right away. See the link below in which we take you through our entire walkthrough and give you all the tips on completing the game.

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DeathBrand Helm Part 1

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