Skyrim Dragonborn Best Armor Guide

Skyrim Dragonborn Best Armor Guide will provide you with the items that you need.

skyrim dragonborn armor


Skyrim Dragonborn Best Armor

Skyrim Dragonborn Best Armor Guide is about having the right equipment when going into battles against bears and other type of creatures, enemies in the game. In the game you will need to collect 7 black books in which each will give you some time of power along with others will increase your armor strength  ability and much more. In the following quest and side quest you will be able to find the best armor and all the objects to getting the best armor for completing the entire game.

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Skyrim Dragonborn Best Armor

See the above video in which it gives you a tour of the entire armor that you would be able to use in Dragonborn and in which you will need to locate the items. If you find an easy way to locate items, please do let us know by leaving your comment in the section below:

  • Waking Dreams – Main story
  • Epistolary Acumen – Main story
  • Filament and Filigree – Kolbjorn Barrow
  • The Hidden Twilight – Tel Mithryn
  • The Sallow Regent – White Ridge Barrow
  • The Winds of Change – Raven Rock Mine
  • Untold Legends – Benkongerike

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