Skyfall Review

The new 007 Bond Movie comes loaded, Find out in Skyfall Review how good it is.

A hard drive on a computer that contains top secret information on MI6 agents names and identities, it has been stolen. Bond leaves a teammate to bleed to death as he must continue his pursuit on the man that took the hard drive. A motorcycle chase scene on Instanbul’s rooftops. The criminal makes his way to a train and 007 continues the pursuit. He gets shot but doesn’t stop there. The criminal then disconnects the carts, 007 makes his way and continues tracking his target. He fights him on the roof and needs to get the hard drive. Meanwhile the other agent Eve (Naomie Harris; 28 Days Later, Pirates of the Caribbean) that is lining up a shot to take out the criminal contacts M asking if they are good to take the shot for it is a bit messy with 007 coming in line then the criminal then 007. Anticipation rises as the train will come to a tunnel and she no longer will be able to follow nor take a shot. M issues the order to take the shot, she fires…..007 is hit and falls down from the sky into a river below the bridge the train was on. This is Skyfall, and that was only just the first 5 minutes of the film.

skyfall review

Bond then goes on a hiatus everyone believing he is dead. However he is actually fine in some coastal city making love to a latina woman and enjoying drinking games at a local bar. Until MI6 headquarters is hit. M (Judi Dench; Goldeneye,Die another day, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) is the main target and her office is hacked and blown up. Now MI6 is dealing with a real threat as all their identities and information have been obtained. This is the most lethal and yet at this point in the story unknown threat 007 and all of MI6 has encountered.

Agent 007 then returns into active duty and undergoes severe tests in order to ensure he is still able to be on the field. Following that he meets the new Q (Ben Wishaw; Perfume, Im not There) that gives him new gadgets and a weapon that has recognized his palm print so only Agent 007 may fire it. The villain in this film Silva (Javier Bardem; No Country for Old Men) does such an excellent job at being bad. However threw the film you may come to see his motives are not entirely evil but simply a rage that has grown within him in needs to seek out revenge on M the leader of the MI6 that supposedly betrayed him. There are portions which I caught as a goof, is in Shanghai a assassin or mercenary is about to take out a target clearly showing a Bolt action rifle but when 007 begins to take him down they pull the trigger repeatedly as if the gun was semi automatic, other than slight film flaws, the action and story moved along like a Ashton Martin down London. These small infractions and mishaps are things that the crew can and did easily forget about but they are not that really identifiable unless you have a keen eye of a film maker.

The soundtrack is performed by Thomas Newman and he does an extraordinary job at making it dramatic and very Spy like. Even Adele has a great Skyfall Theme that is played after the initial death sequence which is a really great track and I am not too fond of her music. The screenplay definately plays out smoothly and builds up and continues to get more dramatic and intense as each minute passing makes you wonder what is happening next. There was a part in the flick which was highly predictable as to what was coming next but I will leave that out for I fear it may be considered a spoiler. However everywhere else from a Komodo Dragon pit fight scene to a subway chase scene just make it feel like a true 007 film and simply “wow” you in their grand spectacle of epic actions and intense scenes. There is much more I would like to discuss about this film but the same way MI6 has its spoiler free secrets I will have mine. The only way you can find out what truly happens is if you begin your Mission at the ticket booth of your local theatre.

This film packs quite the punch, from the action packed sequence in the first minute of the film all the way to the ending shot. This is the 25th theatrically released James Bond film overall and it happens to be the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film series. This film truly keeps the wheels turning and even speeds up the RPMs of the Bond series for this film is yet like no other 007 film.  It is Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond and its not tied into the previous films Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace. Its also Craig’s first film that does not use a original Ian Fleming story for its title. Daniel Craig definitely fills the Bond shoes and portrays every aspect of James Bond. Nice suits, sweet gadgets, luxurious vehicles, romancing beautiful women, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. In the end Skyfall was a well presented film and definitely worth more than a movie ticket.

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