Shaolin Shuffle Zombies How to Turn On the Power and Switch Locations

How to turn on Power and find the power Switches locations in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies

The guide will help you in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies how to turn on the Power and the locations of the different switches that are in the game. You need to turn on the power in this latest release of zombies called Shaolin Shuffle from Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

By turning on the power you will be able to access the different sections of the game and move through them. Once you turn the power you don’t need to turn it on again. So where are the locations of these switches?

The First Location is where you spawn when you start the game. This is the section where the subway is located. The switch is on the left side one of the side pillars, go ahead and turn it on.

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The second location of the switch to turn on the power in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies is:

Go outside by exiting the subway and up the stairs. When you get to the street you will see a pink store called “Keeble Geebles”, you will take a left turn in front of the building and go up the ramp and on top of the roof.

Next, Go across the Roof and enter through the door that is next to the Racin Stripes vending machine. Once you go through the door and exit immediately you will make a left turn and head to the metal gate that lead to the stairs and on the brick wall you will see a sign “Fin the POWER?” once you go down make a right turn and go across to the wall where the second power switch is located.

The Third switch to turn on the power in Shaolin Shuffle is located on top of the disco inferno building and this is how you get to. As you go out from the subway spawn area, you will go out and accross the alley and straight ahead you will know if you are going the right direction if you see to your right a vending machine called “Bombstoppers” and take the stairs up the the disco room and keep going up to the roof.

Once you are on the roof you will go straight and follow the roof pathway and before you reach the end of the roof to the right side you will see a door that has a thunder on it.

The Fourth Switch to turn on the power is located on the other side of the spawn are of the subway. Find the second exit or entrance to the subway that is right below where you find the 3rd power switch. Once you go down the stairs go across and turn on the power.

By turning on the power you will open 2 doors, one is at the spawn and the other one is located where the 4th power switch. I hope this guide helps you on How to turn on the power in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies.

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