Shaolin Shuffle Zombies How to Get Pack-a-Punch Tutorials

The guide will show you in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies how to get the Pack-a-Punch machine

In this guide we will show you how you can get in Shaolin Shuffle Zombies Pack-a-Punch and all the different steps you will need to complete for this tutorial. Let’s begin and here are all the steps you need to complete. You will be needing 3 items to be able to get the pack a punch. You will need the Flyer, Coin and Reel and below you can find the different locations where you can find all of them and unlock the pack-a-punch.

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Shaolin Shuffle Zombies Pack-a-Punch parts Locations


  • To right of the Erad on the roof
  • Next to Quickies
  • On the ground next to the Pink Cat
  • Outside spawn on some trash


  • Under Tuff ‘Nuff Machine (make sure you look under)


  • At the top of the stairs near Tuff ‘Nuff
  • To the right of the Lockers
  • Couch on the top floor of the Inferno Disco
  • In the strip club on right side on a chair
  • In rat king lair in one of the sewers

After you find all the different parts to build the pack-a-punch you will need to get the flyer to the pink cat club the coin to the door and the last part is to place the reel on the projector and you will have access to the Pack-a-Punch.


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