Shaolin Shuffle Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Location and How it Works

Shaolin Shuffle Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Location tutorial

In this guide we will show you how to get Shaolin Shuffle zombies Deadeye Dewdrops Perk in Infinite Warfare and what the ability does. What the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk does is it acquires one of your ability slot and the effect of this perk is when you aim to the zombies body it damages raises up high and it snaps the zombies heads off. The Deadeye Dewdrops perk cost $1500 and one of the hidden abilities this perk has is called “Eagle Eyed” in which it increases your damage to the zombies when aiming sign.

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Go outside by exiting the subway and up the stairs. When you get to the street you will see a pink store called “Keeble Geebles”, you will take a left turn in front of the building and go up the ramp and on top of the roof.

Next, Go across the Roof and enter through the door that is next to the Racin Stripes vending machine. Once you go through the door and exit immediately you will make a left turn and head to the metal gate that lead to the stairs and on the brick wall you will see a sign “Fin the POWER?” once you go down and the Deadeye Dewdrops perk machine is across the gate door.

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